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Operations Announcement

PA Governor mandates to cease operations of non-essential businesses, beginning at 8pm 03/19/2020

 Sadly, this unexpected announcement includes our family. As a small business owner, this is devastating. Shut downs mean we cannot get materials, we can't be in production mode together, it means outside stores cannot sell our art, it means our shows are being cancelled.

The rapid spread of this virus has many of our Spring shows cancelled. I am also bracing myself for the effect it may have on the public for Summer and Fall shows as well.

Our seasonal Art and Craft shows are incredibly important to us... these shows and festivals are our Full Time jobs. We rely on them for income to feed our family and pay our bills, for the entire year.

Our doors are closed to the public, but Roland Metal Art will still ship directly to you, your friends, or loved ones.
And because we work all winter long to prepare inventory for the 3-season show rotation, we are just about fully stocked for most online orders under our "Show Models" tab.

We would like to offer Free Shipping now throughout April.

We know that your world has been turned upside down in some way also. Hopefully this comes to an end and normalcy will return again soon. 

Please stay safe and healthy.

Please ask any questions via email at [email protected] 

Because we are not able to travel this Spring, a very big way to support Roland Metal Art, would be to share our Facebook Page and website with your friends and family.
Thank you all so much for supporting our small business through this troubling time.
Take care.

Free Shipping valid in US only
Unfortunately this excludes Hawaii and Alaska