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Roland Metal Art

[email protected]
443 Oil Tank Hill Road
Carrolltown, PA US
website formerly located at roland metal

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My name is Roland Paronish; I own and operate a family business. 
My son and my wife and I spend most weekends on the road with our artwork throughout the year.  We visit areas along the east coast, to Canada, and as far west as Michigan. This is our full-time job.
All week is spent making the art that you see on my display, and all weekend is spent on the road, at art and craft shows.
All of my pieces are made by hand, with the help of my welder, press and other American made tools and steel.  Most all of the materials I use to create these sculptures are recycled. I do not use molds of any kind.

Many folks ask me how I got started doing something like this; well, it's very simple.
I used to work in a steel mill, it was eventually shut down, but as a hobby, even from when I was young, I would create sculptures for family. I give them as gifts depending on what kind of job they may have had or work they might have done. My dad was a coal miner, that was the first gift given.
In the 1990's, I turned my work into a business to generate income for my family; my wife and four children. I worked hard in my make-shift shop to produce whatever I could in the short week, before setting out away from them. 
As time passed and my business began to grow, my son, Roland, became apart of this work. I discovered he had a natural talent for creating. He was always tinkering around in my shop from a young age. After he finished school, we began working side by side, full time. He has been traveling for about 14 years now and I for 20+ years.


See our show schedule to locate us while we're on the road.  Otherwise, feel free to leave a message or email in my office, with any inquiries.

"Each creation, which is made one at a time, and captures your attention instantly. No two of my pieces are exactly alike, as each one tells it's own story.
My artwork is designed to last for many generations....
I am proud of my work and have had an intresting journey thus far." -Roland Paronish Sr.

Take care and Thanks for shopping with us!

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